Calculation of hot water heater energy consumption and costselectric hot water energy electricity calculator

How much cost your water heating system?
If you want to know the electricity consumption of your hot water tank, and the cost of it, you can use the quick and simple calculator below.

Calculator of energy and costs for hot water heater

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Formula to calculate electricity or gas consumption of water heating

A simple formula to estimate the energy required to heat a volume of water is :
E = C*V*DeltaT/PR
Where E = energy in kWh
C = Specific heat of water - 4.187 kJ/kgK, or 1,163 Wh/kg°C
V = volume of water to heat
deltaT = Th-Tc
Th = temperature of hot water
Tc = temperature of input cold water
PR = performance ratio (it includes losses of heat through pipes and tank), default value = 0.9