Calculation of reactive power factor correctioncapacitors - power factor correction;

Online calculator to size capacitors for power factor correction

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Enter your actual value of the power factor PF or cos phi (cosφ) and the final value you want to reach via capacitors.
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Formula for power factor correction : how to size capacitors ?

The equation to get the reactive power to improve a low power factor is : formula for power factor correction
Where :
Qc = Reactive power of capacitors
P = Active real power in kW
Tanφ 1 = initial phase angle without capacitors
Tanφ 2 = final phase angle with capacitors

How to get tan φ?
tan φ = acos(cosφ)
tan φ = sin φ/cos φ

How to get Cos phi (or power factor) if you know only reactive energy and active energy value of a given period ?

The equation that gives the relation between real active energy and reactive energy for a given period is : formula for power factor correction
The equation that gives the power factor (cos phi) according to Tan phi is : formula for power factor correction